The mysterious producer strips house to its essentials on this newest track.

Last year, Marquis Hawkes released the excellent Fifty Fathoms Deep EP for Houndstooth. Though the producer was best known originally for the Glasgow label Dixon Avenue Basement Jams, Fathoms has become one of his definitive releases. Now Hawkes will return to Houndstooth with Raw Materials this spring.

As Fathoms reflected the dense, watery vista of its cover, Raw Materials compliments the desert landscape adorning it with a harsh, spartan tone. While the EP reaches rougher areas, the opening title track is perhaps the best way to exemplify Hawkes’ sound here. Gentle melodies dot the track while ghostly vocals and 808s seep through the cracks. It makes for the perfect opening as Raw Materials prepares for take off.

Marquis Hawkes’ Raw Materials is out April 27 via Houndstooth.

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