Busy Italian techno duo The Analogue Cops are working on another new label.

Marieu and Lucretio are already responsible for a number of imprints including Appointment, Bratha, Parassela, Machines State Polymers, Enlightened Wax and Restoration Records.

Despite this, the duo have found time to assist in the running of another label called PicNic34, which is run by Italian producer and recent ex-pat Mannela. The label takes its name from an Italian restaurant that the Berlin-based pair regularly use for meetings with Mannella and DIY, another expat from their home country.

Mannella has recently made the move to Berlin but was previously active in Milan for a decade. DIY is “the pseudonym of a tin famished young producer that moved to Neukölln from the grey border between Italy and Yugoslavia. Modular specialist and digital chewer, a name to keep an eye on.”

The first PicNic34 release is led by ‘Tecnologia Robotica’, a collaborative track from Marieu and Mannella. The flip side is reserved for a remix by Chilean-born composer Christian Vogel. You can preview both tracks below.

PicNic34 will release Tecnologia Robotica on May 14. [via RA]


A Tecnologia Robotica
B Tecnologia Robotica (Cristian Vogel ReTransform)



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