Motor City icon searches for sounds at the Ford factory.

Late last year, Detroit techno legend Kevin Saunderson was invited to Ford’s Michigan assembly plant as part of a forthcoming documentary on the Motor City. Saunderson spent his time at the plant scouring for samples, recording many of the sounds made by the plant’s machinery.

“It’s hard to say what it will be used for,” Saunderson said during his visit. “You take samples, put it in the machine, and you never know what vibes it might bring. It could bring nothing, it could bring something amazing.”

A three-minute video recently posted to YouTube finds The Elevator searching for inspiration as he moves about the factory floor.

“It’s the same tone; it’s the same frequency,” observes Saunderson. “Then to just hear that there — it was probably used for a totally different purpose — but to hear that, it connected. It was love at first sound.”

You can watch the video below. [via RA]



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