It’s an Awful family affair.

Since we started following Awful Records, two things have become clear: Slug Christ stays busy (he dropped four solo projects last year) and is always ready to collaborate (see last year’s rhythm-and-creep Sluggahm EP). And now, just days after returning from SXSW, he’s back with a new EP that checks both boxes.

Slug’s Depersonalize, a collaborative effort with Awful jack-of-all-trades Dexter Dukarus, is a new direction for both: looking to make beats with live instruments, Dukarus enlisted Slug (a veteran of surf pop and metal projects) to come up with some guitar riffs with which to work.

The resulting tracks range from gloomy, Slug-styled menace (‘Shimigami’) to 808s-ish ballads (‘Take The Moon’, featuring Micah Freeman) to emo lullabies (‘Feel Again’). Plus, lead cut ‘Grow Old’ also features Awful’s R&B experimenters, Abra and GAHM.

“Neither one of us has made this type of music. It was a learning process for both of us,” says Dukarus. And, as with all things Awful, it wasn’t a laborious experience: Slug says, “We do it on a whim, and finesse it.”

Stream Depersonalize below and look out for more FACT at SXSW interviews with the rest of Awful.



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