Resurrection is the producer’s first solo album in almost a decade.

John Burton is a busy musician. Though he’s worked with Imogen Heap and his band Polar Bear, it has been quite some time since he’s focused on his solo work as Leafcutter John. That changes this spring when he returns to solo composition with Resurrection, the first Leafcutter John album in nine years. From the opening title track Burton builds a massive world processing chiming bells and jittery electronica before diving through an ambient soundscape and somehow coming out with a gentle, almost Earth-like extended coda where the distant guitar melodies are as pretty as they are doom-filled. It’s an understandably powerful opening for an album inspired by the aerial photographs of the 2011 tsunami in Japan and leaves the impression that Resurrection could go anywhere.

Listen to ‘Resurrection’ and watch a teaser trailer for album below. Get it on clear blue vinyl May 4 via Desire Path.

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