Fulton has revived his floral-themed alias for another LP.

Enduring house, disco and funk guru Maurice Fulton will return to his eccentric Boof alias for another album of deep house, disco and hip hop.

The Hydrangeas Whisper is the maverick producer’s third full-length under the Boof name. The first, Life Is Water For Gerbadaisies When They Are Dancing, was released by Spectrum Records in 2000.

The new LP is a follow-up to Boof’s Shhh, Dandelions At Play LP, which arrived via Gerd Janson’s excellent Running Back imprint in 2011. The Hydrangeas Whisper will be delivered via Fulton’s own label, Bubbletease Communications.

The Hydrangeas Whisper will be released on March 30. You can preview clips here and check the tracklist below. [via RA]


01. Intro To It’s Sunny S Outside
02. Birgit Boogie
03. The Hydrangeas Whisper
04. Cat Soulcat Strut
05. Backlash
06. Pete Found His Z
07. Emi’s M
08. Just On The Swings
09. Tomoko’s O
10. Solar Eclipse On A Friday Morning



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