The live performance was recorded at the Louvre in February.

Classical pianist Mikhaïl Rudy and techno originator Jeff Mills will release When Time Splits – Live At Auditorium Du Louvre, Paris through Mills’ Axis Records imprint next month.

The live performance was recorded at the famed museum as part of the Duos Ephémères concert on February 6. Rudy and Mills provided a score for L’Enfer, an unfinished 1964 film by Henri-Georges Clouzot.

Speaking about the collaborative project, Mills said: “the process required numerous discussions and meetings (with Rudy). Obscure ideas and visions about what time meant had to be laid out and imagined before we could proceed on dissecting the subject to show in the art forms of music and visual imagery how times could be represented in tangible ways.”

Mikhaïl Rudy cites 20th century composers such as John Cage and Olivier Messiaen as inspiration for his role in the project.

When Time Splits – Live At Auditorium Du Louvre will be released in late April via Axis Records. You can check the tracklist below.

Konx-om-Pax caught up with Jeff Mills earlier this year to discuss science fiction, Star Wars and more. [via RA]


01. Landscape Abstracts
02. Face Verses Face
03. Time Mechanic
04. Scream
05. Black And White
06. Promising Calm
07. The Eternal Burning Beauty Of Fire
08. Impossible Love
09. Psychedelic
10. Wagner Encounter



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