Techno magi Lucy and Ben Klock have joined forces for a collaborative release.

The War Lullaby EP will appear on Italian producer Lucy’s own Stroboscopic Artefacts label next month and follows a smooth arc over its four tracks. The gentle kosmische drift of opener ‘Bliss’ find its beefy counterpart in the title track, while on the B-side the producers introduce a dubby flavour to the off-kilter club cut ‘Santeria’ before decelerating to a gentle meditative state on ‘A Ghost Lovestory’.

Check out previews below and pick up the record from May 4 in 12″ and digital formats. In the meantime, lock into Ben Klock’s deep and dreamy FACT mix from a few months back.


A1 Bliss
A2 War Lullaby
B1 Santeria
B2 A Ghost Lovestory



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