Clone discovers more unreleased tracks in Davey Jones’ Locker.

In case Clone’s recent Drexciya reissues weren’t exhaustive enough, the Rotterdam outpost will soon be releasing a pair of unreleased Drexciya tracks along with a remastered Der Zyklus album on its Aqualung sub-label.

As Juno Plus reports, next month will see the release of the Black Sea/Wavejumper (Aqualung Versions) 12″. The record features alternate versions of the seminal tracks, along with an unreleased track called ‘Unknown Journey XI’. In May, Clone will follow that with a reissue of Biometry, the only album Drexciya member Gerald Donald put out under the Der Zyklus alias, which originally appeared on Clone’s DUB subsidiary in 2004.

The releases will both be released on Clone’s Aqualung sub-label. The imprint has released music sporadically since 2009, all of which has come from aliases of Donald including Der Zyklus and Zerkalo.

You’ll be able to get your hands on Black Sea/Wavejumper (Aqualung Versions) on April 6 with the remastered version of Biometry following on May 6. Until then, revisit our list of Drexciya’s essential records.



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