Kendrick Lamar has revealed the original title for To Pimp A Butterfly.

In an interview with MTV, the Compton rapper said he had planned to call his number one album “Tu Pimp A Caterpillar” as a tribute to Tupac (Tu-P-A-C), who of course features on the album’s final track in a staged interview/philosophy session with Lamar.

“Me changing it to ‘Butterfly’, I just really wanted to show the brightness of life and the word “pimp” has so much aggression, and that represents several things,” the rapper explained. “For me, it represents using my celebrity for good. Another reason is, not being pimped by the industry through my celebrity.”

Watch the interview below and listen to the complete Tupac interview featured on the record. FACT’s Chris Kelly discusses TPAB’s bid for the black power pantheon in his essay on the album.



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