Surfing lock into hypnotic and deeply satisfying looping house on their self-titled LP.

When New York producer Peter Segerstrom isn’t working under the name Portable Sunsets, he’s building repetitive walls of groove as Surfing. His self-titled LP will be out next week through the eternally charismatic label 1080p, but we have it available to stream below.

Most tracks find Segerstrom jumping in on a house beat while repeating the titular phrase or word until it’s meaning and structure melt away. This mantra-like repetition continues like a good Axel Willner track or maybe more like Sideshow Bob stepping on rakes in the Simpsons — it’ll intrigue at first, repeat until you get sick of it, and then crucially keep going until it reaches a kind of transcendence. Tracks like ‘BBC’ and ‘Surfing’ commit to that mode, but Surfing has a few extra tricks to mix things up. ‘She’s Not Laughing’ is a deep, beautiful instrumental that pulls static pulses down into underwater ambience, while back-half highlight ‘Glass Eye’ finds Segerstrom letting his echo-y murmurs tell just the impression of a story to wonderfully unsettling affect.

Listen to all of Surfing below and grab it April 8 via 1080p.



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