Not a glitch in sight.

Miguel De Pedro, best known as Kid606, returns next month with a new album titled Recollected Ambient Works Vol. 1 : Bored of Excitement. De Pedro has explored many styles throughout his career, but there isn’t really anything like this in his lengthy discography. The music contained here does not include any of the glitches or samples typically associated with he name Kid606. Rather, Bored of Excitement collects seven piano pieces, each named after the key they’re written in, progressing through the scale from A minor to G minor.

In the press release De Pedro opened up about how the record came to him a few years ago while struggling with severe depression when he was living in Berlin. Inspired by Brian Eno’s recording of Discreet Music while bedridden following a car accident, De Pedro worked on the record on and off for years and finally finished it after moving back to California. As he puts it, “it is everything I always dreamed and hoped it would be. Making it didn’t heal me, but actually being able to complete it and share with the world has made me feel a lot less ‘incomplete'”.

Listen to the warm, tranquil ‘B Minor’ below and grab Recollected Ambient Works Vol. 1 May 19 via De Pedro’s label Tigerbeat6. For more of Kid606’s work head to our list of the 100 greatest IDM tracks of all time



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