The experimental trio’s recent Brisbane performance will occur again in London this fall, along with a selection of European dates.

Xiu Xiu, the long running experimental pop band led by Jamie Stewart, have a history of reinterpreting music to their dark, bleak style. Whether it’s Nina Simone, The Pussycat Dolls, or their heartwrenching version of Tracy Chapman’s ‘Fast Car’, there is always a deep respect in those performances, even if when they’re dismantling the song beyond recognition. Recently in Brisbane, Xiu Xiu performed a live interpretation of Angelo Badalamenti and David Lynch’s score to Twin Peaks. Now they have announced an October 8 date in London through St. John Sessions at the Church of St John-at-Hackney. Stewart took to Facebook earlier this year to post a message about the performance, expressing his deep love for the music.

“The music of Twin Peaks is everything that we aspire to as musicians and is everything that we want to listen to as music fans. It is romantic, it is terrifying, it is beautiful, it is unnervingly sexual. The idea of holding the “purity” of the 1950s up to the cold light of a violent moon and exposing the skull beneath the frozen, worried smile has been a stunning influence on us. There is no way that we can recreate Angelo Badalamenti and David Lynch’s music as it was originally played. It is too perfect and we could never do its replication justice. Our attempt will be to play the parts of the songs as written, meaning, following the harmony melody but to arrange in the way that it has shaped us as players”

To get an idea of just how important the series is to him it’s worth delving into the history of Xiu Xiu’s band name. It’s taken from Xiu Xiu: The Sent Down Girl, a 1998 Chinese film directed by Joan Chen. Chen is best known for her work as Twin Peaks’ lumber mill owner, Josie Packard.

As Stewart points out in his comment, the band will reinterpret the score in their own way. According to the press release this reinterpretation will emphasize Twin Peaks‘ “chaos, drama, fear, noise and sidelong leering glances.” With the added warning that Killer BOB will be conducting. Read more about the London event through St. John Sessions’ Facebook and keep an eye out for more dates.



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