The ‘Twin Warriors’ producer returns.

JT the Goon was on our grime producer watch list last year, and he didn’t disappoint: the Slew Dem veteran finally released Twin Warriors and teamed with Murlo for the Plume EP. His 2015 is off to a hot start, as well. Along with uniting with Dullah Beatz and Boylan as Edgem, JT has linked with Boxed co-founder Slackk for the Goon Patrol EP — two related but distinct projects.

“My solo work tends to be very spontaneous and free thinking; I just go with whatever mood I’m in and see where it takes me,” he writes via email. “With Edgem, we have somewhat more of a professional approach: we have deadlines to meet and tunes have to be made more specifically. Even so, working with Dullah Beatz and Boylan is probably as good as it gets! These guys are hard working, dedicated and super fuckin’ talented.”

On the four-track Goon Patrol EP, JT continues to craft grime bangers that are both vibrant and violent. And as always, there’s a deep vein of sinogrime in his work. “Sinogrime is powerful to me because its super emotional. It evokes joy and sadness as well as creating tranquility within our scene,” he writes.

The EP is due out in May via Slackk’s Sulk imprint; stream lead track ‘Wars’ for a taste of what to expect. Perhaps it will follow ‘Twin Warriors’ as another martial Boxed anthem.

“Boxed is a big reason grime’s a success again,” JT explains. “They support so many producers, old and new, and I’ve had support from everyone of them. Big shout to Oil Gang, Slackk, Logos and Mr. Mitch, and everyone who attends Boxed. Thank you.”



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