The L.A. trio dive into hardware-driven techno.

Sister City is a collaboration between ex-dubsteppers EPROM and Dean Grenier and relative newcomer Hej Fund. The group (and their Sister City Limited imprint) is a home for experimental material that falls outside the bounds of their solo work.

“The Sister City project was born out of necessity,” writes Grenier. “Hej Fund and I had spent some months experimenting in the studio writing techno, at the same time EPROM and myself were discussing collaborating on a live project that took us beyond the standard context of DJ circuit trappings.”

“This led to a foundational studio session with extensive outboard gear and synths in a way none of us had ever worked before where we just hit record and jammed out for hours,” he says. EPROM adds, “It’s just really fun to work with hardware in new ways and plan out this live set, which is going to bring a big chunk of our studio gear out on the road.”

After launching Sister City Limited late last year, the trio will debut the Sister City project proper with Rites of Dacia, a three-tracker that balances the industrial and ambient sides of hardware-driven techno. Stream the EP below; it’s due out on April 13.



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