A new deal means more types of unofficial content could be monetised via advertising.

SoundCloud has struck a deal with the same company YouTube uses to scan uploaded music for copyright infringement, which could lead to less takedown requests for illegally uploaded content.

Although SoundCloud already has its own system for identifying copyrighted material, Zefr also provides analytics and can tell the difference between full songs and remixes. While copyright holders could use the system to issue more takedown notices, it could also let them claim the content as their own and start running ads on it.

As well as unofficial remixes being allowed to exist on SoundCloud, this could help pave the way for DJ mixes to avoid the dreaded takedown notice.

SoundCloud originally started serving ads last summer, though they have been rolling out gradually. The move could well be a response to YouTube’s recently launched tools to help artists and labels make more revenue from their own content. [via The Verge]



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