Modular synths and electric guitars unite at last.

Pennsylvania-based synthesizer company Pittsburgh Modular has announced full details of its latest foray into the modular market, a fully patchable, customizable effects pedal aimed at guitarists.

The Patch Box is intended as a standalone unit, so doesn’t require an existing modular setup to use. Instead, Pittsburgh Modular is offering a pre-configured set of “Complete” and “Core” effects systems designed for the Patch Box – each “Complete” module takes up the whole space of the Patch Box enclosure with an expansive take on one function, while “Core” modules are less exhaustive, but offer more space to mix and match with other modules inside the enclosure.

The modules designed for use with the Patch Box cover basic functions like filter, phase, delay and reverb, though the ability to connect patch cables should allow for some pretty wild effects. If you want to go for a massive “Complete” module these sound like they should more than be capable of unusual effects too – the Filter Box Complete for example features a pair of “highly tuned” filters together with an analog signal crushing capability, while the 16-stage nature of the Phase Box Complete makes it capable of deeper phase and tremolo effects than the average effects pedal.

Though Pittsburgh Modular are selling pre-configured systems, the Patch Box enclosure can be used with other compatible Eurorack modules, with the aim of encouraging musicians to create their own modular effects units with whatever functions they want. The Patch Box enclosure itself has basic functionality even if you don’t have modules to hand, which include bypass switching, expression pedal inputs, assignable footswitches and a patchable signal splitter for sending sound to two different destinations.

The full range wil be available in May and June, with prices ranging from $349 for a standalone Patch Box enclosure up to $1,199 for the most expensive Complete modules. The Core modules will cost between $689-$799 each – full details on each can be found at the Pittsburgh Modular website.

Pittsburgh Modular has created a fully patchable modular guitar effects pedal

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