Warp mainstay Squarepusher has shared his new album ahead of its release on April 20.

Damogen Furies is Jenkinson’s thirteenth full-length effort for the seminal British imprint and his first since 2012’s Ufabulum.

Damogen Furies collects eight tracks and is available for pre-order now via Bleep. Glitchy album cut ‘Rayc Fire 2′ was released as a free download back in February.

Last year, Jenkinson reunited with a team of Japanese roboticists and producer Kenjiro Matsuo for the Music For Robots EP.

You can stream Squarepusher’s Damogen Furies in full via NPR.


01. Stor Eioglass
02. Baltang Ort
03. Rayc Fire 2
04. Kontenjaz
05. Exjag Nives
06. Baltang Arg
07. Kwang Bass
08. D Frozent Arc



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