This universal record lets you play any song from your phone on a turntable

By , Apr 13 2015

An innovative solution to Discogs scalpers.

There’s nothing like the experience of playing music through a turntable. Of course, that depends on having the music on vinyl in the first place, which in this age of limited runs of 300 and Discogs scalpers, isn’t always the case.

Well, a solution that doesn’t involve having to use Serato or Traktor’s time-coded vinyl might be at hand. Artist Jesse England has created the Universal Record, a device that contains a Bluetooth audio receiver and an acoustic transducer, which vibrates a disc to simulate record grooves. It works with any device capable of sending audio over Bluetooth, and as you can see from the video above, works pretty well.

We have no idea what the Universal Turntable might do to your needles, but you could always spend all that money you save on vinyl to buy new ones. That’s assuming the device is ever made commercially available – as yet England hasn’t made it clear what he plans to do with his prototype. [via The Verge]



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