The London-based producer readies his latest effort.

Saga debuted back in 2013, teaming with Visionist for a war dub and debuting on his Lost Codes imprint; an EP for Lit City Trax followed.

Tomorrow, the Dublin-born, London-based producer returns with the Treachery EP. The EP features three vicious, dubstep-laced grime originals that live up to the EP’s title, along with remixes by Visionist and Dark0.

The latter inverts the violence of the title track with a beatless remix that has the same video game-inspired quality of Dark0’s other tracks. Stream it below — the EP will be released for free on Saga’s Bandcamp.


01. Tryst
02. Compulsions
03. Treachery
04. Tryst (Visionist Remix)
05. Treachery (Dark0 Remix)

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