KMS have announced plans to reissue three volumes of 90s remixes this Spring.

Kevin Saunderson’s KMS label has continued to deliver essential vinyl reissues since celebrating its 25th anniversary back in 2012. Most recently, the label reissued Saunderson’s ‘Just Want Another Chance’ (known for its signature Reese bassline) alongside 90s releases from MK, Chez N Trent and Kreem (Saunderson’s partnership with Juan Atkins).

The first two compilations in the new campaign collect remixes from Ron Trent and Chez Damier as Chez N Trent. The remixes were produced between 1993 and 1995, a fruitful patch for the duo that saw them release classics such as ‘The Choice’ and ‘Morning Factory’. The first volume contains remixes of Sonya Blade and Miller/Scott Project.

The second volume collects Chez N Trent versions of Kreem’s ‘Now Is The Time’ and Inner City’s ‘Share My Life’. Also included are the duo’s remixes of Naomi Daniel’s ‘Feel The Fire’ and Esser’ay’s ‘Forces’, which have both been reworked by Carl Craig to form the third EP. That 12″ also contains a Carl Craig version of Inner City’s ‘Ahnnonghay’.

KMS will release KMS Remixes Vol. 1-3 in Spring. You can check the tracklists below. [via RA]


Chez N Trent – Volume One
A1 Sonya Blade – House Of Love (Chez N Trent Vox Remix Dub)
A2.Sonya Blade – House Of Love (Chez N Trent Respect Vox Dub)
B1 Miller/Scott Project – Its Going To Be Alright (Chez N Trent Mix 1)
B2 Miller/Scott Project – Its Going To Be Alright (Chez N Trent Mix 2)

Chez N Trent – Volume Two
A1 Esser’ay – Forces (Chez-N-Trent Alternative Mix)
A2 Kreem – Now Is The Time (Chez N Trent Club Mix)
B1 Inner City – Share My Life (Chez N Trent Mid Dub)
B2 Naomi Daniel – Feel The Fire (Chez N Trent Dub)

Carl Craig – Volume Three
A1 Inner City – Ahnnonghay (Carl Craig Remix)
A2 Esser’ay – Forces (Carl Craig’s Mix)
B1 Naomi Daniel – Feel The Fire (Urban Culture Remix
B2 Naomi Daniel – Feel The Fire (Salsoul Remix)



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