The Butterz pro shares her “most personal project” yet.

Flava D’s Bandcamp mixtapes and Soundcloud drops have always been favorites around these parts: pure bangers, whether garage, grime, house or otherwise.

Now, the Butterz talent has compiled some of her greatest hits on More Love, a 12-track collection that features (what sound like) revamped versions of originals and remixes that have popped up elsewhere, including edits of Brandy, Jill Scott and Tinashe.

“Thank you to all my supporters that have stuck by me on my musical journey. This is my most personal project that I have done to date, and is my most versatile work capturing a lot of emotions that I went through during difficult periods in my life,” she writes on Bandcamp.

“All I want to do is be able to continue experimenting, collaborating and travelling through music. This is the first of many releases you will hear from me this year. Expect more Grime, Garage, House and beyond.” Here’s hoping she keeps that promise.

Stream the set below and head to Bandcamp to cop it (to get the bonus tracks). Last year, we finally interviewed Flava D; back in February, she stepped up for Against the Clock.



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