Sonic Boom will press a picture disc of anything you want for $15.

In what has to be one of the coolest offers we’ve come across, Toronto record store Sonic Boom is now offering customers the chance to press their own personalized vinyl. The service comes from Andy March of Monotype Audio Disk Cutting who will take orders via email in addition to walk-ins at Sonic Boom.

Customers can bring any music and picture they want and get a one-off mono pressing for $14.99 that plays seven minutes of music on each side. March says he can do orders of up to 50, though those obviously take a bit more time to fill. March shared a photo of some of the records. [via BlogTO]

A Toronto record store has started offering walk-in vinyl pressings

Sonic Boom presses records live from Friday to Sunday 10am-midnight. Learn more through their website.



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