The graphic designer, producer and DJ releases his first album proper in 14 years.

Following the multi-edition release of F O R M A T in February, with each track released on a different physical format, Trevor Jackson will make the whole album available on triple vinyl, CD and download next month, with a bonus track on the vinyl.

Jackson pieced together the album from an archive of over 150 recordings made over the last 14 years, conceiving F O R M A T as a homage to the aesthetics, ritual and personality of physical formats, whether vinyl, cassette or reel-to-reel, as he explained in a recent interview. Spread across 12 separate formats, the release was accompanied by an audiovisual installation in London which until now was the only place you could hear the album in full.

F O R M A T will be available in full on triple vinyl, CD and download on May 18 – stream lead track ‘Lumiline’, originally released as a 12″ vinyl, and pre-order the vinyl album from The Vinyl Factory.



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