Update, May 5: The reunion gig will happen at Oxford’s Supernormal Festival under the name #A.R.Kane. 

“We needed a new name that contemporises the band, was a tad ironic, and flatly stated that this line-up is sans Alex,” explained remaining member Rudy Tambala. “Should Alex [Ayuli] come out-to-play, we can easily drop the ‘#’, so to speak.”

The band’s line-up will include “a couple original A.R.Kane players … and two millennial upstarts of extreme beauty and talent,” he added. The festival takes place August 7-9.

Founding member Rudy Tambala is plotting a gig this summer.

Revered British duo A.R. Kane never got the credit they were due in their eight-year existence from 1986 to 1994, with their sensual but experimental style sitting apart from the dominant indie trends despite they fact they were on Rough Trade and coined the very term “dream-pop”. In recent years, however, their three albums have been reissued and their cult status has grown.

The good news is that after “many years in life’s wilderness”, a gig is happening. A post on the group’s Facebook page explains that one of the duo “putting together some players.”

“It will be A.R.Kane material. It will be noisy. Mostly. And a bit quiet. In places. Details to be confirmed almost soon,” added the band member – it’s unclear if Rudy Tambala or Alex Ayuli runs the page, but Tiny Mix Tapes seems to think it’s the former.

There’s no evidence that this is a proper reunion, but we know how these things go, so fingers crossed. In the meantime, go back to 1989’s “i” and marvel at its prophetic genius, watch the video for ‘Green Hazed Daze’ below, and read FACT’s 2012 interview with A.R. Kane marking the release of their singles compilation.



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