Stream the German producer’s first album in five years.

Cologne producer Cio D’Or has crafted impeccable minimal techno for over a decade, but is only getting around to releasing her second LP this year. It’s also one with a unique structure. All In All is composed of three suites, each consisting of four tracks, that can be experienced over multiple formats. The vinyl release opens with the warm up side After And Before before picking up speed in the taut bleeps and acid drips of Floor X on the next side. The final section is a foggy, clanging comedown titled Yocta To Yotta which comes on it’s own separate EP.

Though they appear on different records, the three pieces come together on the CD release which you can now stream below. Grab All In All on CD May 19 via Svreca’s label Semantica and look for the LP release a week earlier.

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