Get ready for a night at the museum.

With techno approaching middle age, it’s no surprise to see a heritage industry springing up to cater for lovers of repetitive beats. That’s exactly what’s happening in Frankfurt, where local DJ, producer and club owner Andreas Tomalla is the driving force behind the city’s Museum of Modern Electronic Music (MOMEM), due to open in 2017.

Tomalla, aka Talla 2XLC, certainly has the CV for it – in 1984 he started Technoclub, the first party in Frankfurt dedicated to the new wave of electronic music, and he’s been DJing everything from EBM to trance in the years since. The new museum will offer a sensory experience through interactive exhibitions, according to organisers, who launched the project at last week’s Musikmesse Frankfurt trade fair. A map of the projected interior has areas dedicated to themes including instruments and technology, clothing, graphic design and the “global movement”, and of course there are also plans to host DJ workshops and regular live events.

The space, which is inside Frankfurt’s Children’s Museum, has been leased to MOMEM by the city free of charge, but the museum itself will be self-funded. To drum up interest ahead of the opening, the museum has also launched the MOMEM Supporter Club, where early bird members will be able to get involved straight away.

As Dazed point out, MOMEM will be the second techno museum in the world, after Detroit’s EXHIBIT 3000.



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