After an eternity of waiting, the first taste of the Norway-to-Hawaii collaboration has been unveiled.

‘Put Your Arms Around Me’ is the first track from Runddans, the album that prog-disco giant Lindstrøm has recorded with Emil Nikolaisen, frontman of loopy Oslo psych-rock outfit Serena-Maneesh, and Todd Rundgren, the Hawaii-based garage-rocker turned experimental producer who’s now in the fifth decade of his career.

Runddans consists of a single 39-minute track divided into 12 parts, billed by the label as a “spiritual magnum opus” and a “cosmic mix of soul, synth, pop and disco.” Well, strap yourself in. ‘Put Your Arms Around Me’ is at least as huge as you’d expect, with shirt-rending vocals and soaring guitar solos propelled by cosmically vast electronics, and occasionally derailed by bonkers prog glitches.

It has to be streamed to be believed. Look out for an interview with Lindstrøm on FACT later this week. [via Pitchfork]



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