The New York-based vocalist readies her long-awaited debut.

Shyvonne emerged back in 2009 as the voice of Kingdom’s best-of-the-year ‘Mind Reader’. Since then, she’s released a string of lesser-known one-offs, collaborating with the likes of Brenmar and Egyptrixx along the way.

Her long-awaited debut EP will arrive this summer; she admits that “it’s been a long time coming” but promises more of her emotional, house diva stylings. “You may shed a tear, call someone you wronged,” she says, “but one thing’s for sure: you’ll also dance!”

The first single from the EP is ‘On My Mind’, produced by Fool’s Gold regular Sammy Bananas. The two first connected in 2013 on ‘Looking for Love’, and then again serendipitously.

“A year or two after that track I was out at a party and heard this song I could not get out of my head but needed to know the name,” she explains. “I made a voice note while dancing and sent to some DJ homies to see if anyone knew it. Shazaam didn’t pick it up, but of course Sammy sure did.” (Judging by the first few notes of the melody, perhaps the song was The Police’s ‘Don’t Stand So Close To Me’.)

The song first appeared on her Mind Games mixtape, and — as with ‘Mind Reader’ — the mind continues to serve as inspiration. “I’m a firm believer that our minds have all the power, for better or worse,” she says. “So I found that in matters of the heart, the word ‘mind’ itself always found its way it’s my lyrics.”



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