Conductr 2 offers a practical solution for DJs and live performers looking to travel light.

iPad users have long had a variety of apps with which to control Ableton, but those looking for a touchscreen solution for Traktor have been slightly less spoilt for choice. Now there’s an option available that lets you control both from one app.

Conductr was first launched in 2013 as an app for controlling Ableton, but its latest update has added Traktor support. As Conductr is designed around a modular system, you can fit up to four control modules in the interface to perform with up to four decks, flipping eacxh between three view modes with control over track position, mixer levels and effects.

Ableton users currently have a healthy selection of modules to choose from including Master, Clips, Mixer and the Claydr MIDI Keyboard – but there’s currently only one for Traktor. However, Conductr have promised that more will follow.

Conductr 2 is free on the App Store for use with just one module, but further modules require in-app purchases. Prices range from £16.49 for the full Ableton pack to £4.49 for a MIDI keyboard – you can check the app and its beautifully designed interface in action on the video below.

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