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Stream Machinedrum’s stargazing remix of Braille’s ‘Everyone’s Crazy’

Braille‘s Sepalcure sparring partner Machinedrum remixes ‘Everyone’s Crazy’, the title track from his latest EP.

Praveen Sharma has darted from label to label, project to project and genre to genre over the last decade, but it seems like his Braille work will be a focus this year: back in February we streamed his new EP Everyone’s Crazy, out on Friends of Friends, and he has an album, Mute Swan, due out on the same label later this year.

Before that, Machinedrum, who works regularly with Sharma as part of Sepalcure, draws for the chords and breakbeats on a remix of ‘Everyone’s Crazy’. Stream it below, and read our Q&A with Braille. You can pre-order Mute Swan here.

You know what, everyone is crazy. More now than ever. Why do you think that is?

I don’t think the human psyche is holding up well to Future Shock.

You recently relocated. How are you finding your new home, and new set-up?

Just moved apartments in Brooklyn. My new studio setup is a bit smaller and more intimate than before but I’m way closer to friends who I collaborate with regularly so that makes up for it.

The Braille work has darted between labels, but with an album due, does that make Friends of Friends your main home for a while?

Hopefully! I never know what i’m going to be making next so we’ll see what happens…

What can we expect from the album – how much of a clue does the EP give us?

The EP was a far more standard, expected affair than the album. There are definitely strands of the EP tracks that make their way through the album, but overall the album is a much more focused, diverse and challenging listen.

What else do you have on the go at the moment?

Been taking baby steps with new Braille material but otherwise I’ve been working with Machinedrum on some new Sepalcure music, with Seafloor on a new Rights album (our dance floor focused EP came out on Infinite Machine a couple months ago) and an ambient EP with Heathered Pearls.



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