The Vancouver songwriter returns with her most welcoming — and psychedelic — record yet.

White Poppy is the project of Crystal Dorval, a songwriter with a knack for blending fuzzy looping beats, warm guitar squalls and pleasantly bubbling electronics into a heady, but comforting, concoction. Through that sonic soup, Dorval often sings with such an breezy ease that makes her music as absorbing as it is thrilling.

That’s exactly the case with ‘Confusion’, a great big sound-hug that greets you at the start of her upcoming album Natural Phenomena. Over garbled backward voices, playfully thumped percussion, and a distorted guitar melody as slow moving and sweet as honey, Dorval glides in singing with a dreamy wonder. It sounds so effortless that it’s easy to forget how much effort did go into it (a similar fate to her slept on self-titled debut, one of the best records we missed in 2013).

Dorval describes in a press release the intense, meticulous work that went into the album over a nine month period alone on her farm in Vancouver where sometimes an entire day of work would amount to adding a single guitar line or keyboard texture. It’s that attention to detail which ‘Confusion’ shows, but never demands of its listener. For all the work Dorval has put in building her echoing world, ‘Confusion’ encourages you to sit back, relax, and explore it.

Listen to ‘Confusion’ below and look for White Poppy’s Natural Phenomena June 23 via Not Not Fun.

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