The inimitable Chilean has unveiled his first solo release of the year.

Ricardo Villalobos will deliver a new EP via the Frankfurt-based Raum…musik label in spring. The Who Are We? EP is Villalobos’ second release on Olaf Zern’s imprint, following the Baby 12″ in 2012. The record is also Villalobos’ first solo release of 2015, following a remix of Insanlar and a contribution to Rawax’s AIRA EP series.

Both tracks on the Who Are We? EP feature contributions from other artists. A-side cut ‘Buffalo Demon’ features heavy use of samples from from Rune Grammofon duo Alog whilst the flip side features the vocals of Jorge Gonzalez (formerly a member of Chilean band Los Prisoneros, now part of Los Updates).

Raum…musik will release Who Are We? in spring. You can hear clips over at Red Eye Records. [via RA]


A Buffalo Demon feat. Alog
B Who Are You? feat. Jorge Gonzalez



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