Chris Laufman returns with his latest batch of weird pop.

As Wise Blood, the Pittsburgh-based musician twists samples and his distinct, bluesy vocals into anachronistic pop collages. After releasing his long-gestating solo album Id on Dovecote Records and taking time to produce for fellow Pittsburgh artist the Moon Baby, Laufman has returned with a new Wise Blood EP.

“Over the past year I have taken time to focus on different aspects of my music, largely focusing on the production end,” he writes. “A combination of wanting to better articulate my own sound and an urge to make tracks for others has opened the door to opportunities and collaborations around the world.”

That collaborative spirit is on display on Babyland, a Wise Blood release that — for the first time — features other vocalists, namely the Moon Baby and Priscilla Sharp. Otherwise, the six-track EP has the same hypnotic, playful-yet-ominous quality that Laufman favors.

The EP is due out on May 5 via Hope Sick Cola; stream it below. A mixtape is planned for later this year, with another LP to follow in early 2016. Back in 2013, FACT spoke with Wise Blood about the process behind Id, why he lives in Pittsburgh, and why he’d love to hear his songs in commercials.

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