Jigga historians, take note: he’s spelling his name with an umlaut again.

On the website of Jay-fronted streaming menace Tidal, Jay Z has suddenly become Jaÿ-Z – and only a few years after he quietly dropped the hyphen, too. He’s also started using Jaÿ-Z on recent Facebook posts.

Now, rather than a full-time name change, we suspect that this is a mere nod back to the cover art for Jay’s debut album Reasonable Doubt and the ‘Dead Presidents’ single, both of which stylised his name as Jaÿ-Z (see below, though some versions of Reasonable Doubt are umlaut-less). Jay has a Tidal-streaming concert on the way where he’ll perform his best B-sides and album cuts, so a temporary throwback makes sense.

More sense, of course, than an umlaut on a Y. That doesn’t make sense – not in most languages, anyway (if we’re going to be specific, it’s occasionally used in transcribed Greek).

47f93f140c-500x500 Reasonable_Doubt_New



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