The soundtrack to Jake Gyllenhaal’s pulpy thriller Nightcrawler is getting a vinyl pressing.

Composed by James Newton Howard (whose credits include Pretty Woman, The Sixth Sense and Batman Begins among other blockbusters), the largely electronic soundtrack is an evocative and oddly ambivalent foil to writer-director Dan Gilroy’s latest movie, which follows the unsleeping Lou Bloom (Gyllenhaal) as he stalks LA by night to capture gory crime scenes on his video camera.

The vinyl version is coming out on Bristol label and occasional soundtrack specialist Invada, adding to a long list of scores they’ve committed to wax in recent years, including Ex Machina, Solaris and Nightcrawler’s obvious forebear, Drive.

The vinyl will also have two different sleeves, with one matching the digital version (see that below) and another being provided by an artist who’ll be revealed later.

Check out three tracks from the score below and look out for the soundtrack on Invada this summer.




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