Negotiation breakdown.

Billboard reports that Sony Music has removed original recordings from the SoundCloud pages of a handful of major artists, including Adele, Miguel, Kelly Clarkson and Passion Pit due to what an executive familiar with negotiations calls “a lack of monetization opportunities” on the platform.

Last year, SoundCloud introduced advertising and allowed users to collect royalties for the first time, and it announced plans for a subscription service with Warner Music Group. These initiatives have come with their own challenges, like when the company’s new copyright software wrecked havoc on uploaded mixes.

“We are in ongoing conversations with major and independent labels and will continue to add partners to the program,” says SoundCloud in a statement. “We’ve always put control in the hands of creators, and anyone who makes music and audio can decide when and how they want to share it with fans, allowing artists to essentially broadcast out to the world the availability of new content.”

Spokespeople for Sony Music and Columbia Records declined to comment to Billboard



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