The Atlanta-born, Brooklyn-based producer get meditative.

For a few years now, Time Wharp (aka Patrick Loggins) has been a fixture in the underground electronic music scenes of Boston and New York, working alongside and touring with producers like Teebs, Baths and Low Limit.

He linked up with Obey City’s Astro Nautico imprint back in 2012, and after releasing a pair of EPs on the label, he’s prepared an eponymous full-length that balances minimal synth wave, New York house and meditative new age.

Time Wharp will be released in vinyl and digital this month; the cover art and tracklist are below. For a taste of what to expect, listen to ‘Cole Dub’ — in both original and FaltyDL remix flavors — below. For more on Astro Nautico, check out FACT TV’s interview with Obey City.

1. Pneumatic For The People
2. Works
3. Market Solution
4. Median
5. Cole Dub
6. Rag
7. Castle
8. Tophat

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