The Fool’s Gold club boss gives away some essential remixes.

Club DJs around the world know: you better have some Brenmar remixes in your Serato. Thankfully, on the heels of his Fool’s Gold debut, the New York-based producer has shared some recent favorites.

“I make a lot of edits/bootlegs/remixes for my mixtapes and DJ sets so I decided to choose some of my favorite unreleased ones and give them away to the fans and DJs that have been supportive since the beginning,” he writes. “Some of these are really new and a few are a little older. Enjoy!”

Included in Not For Resale: his should-have-been-official remix of Trey Songz’s ‘Smartphones’, an edit of Sade classic ‘No Ordinary Love’ and a couple remixes alongside Jersey club newcomer Gutta. Download the pack below.



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