Stream the duo’s first LP a week before its release.

Kara-Lis Coverdale and David Sutton (aka LXV) could not have picked a better title for their first collaborative work, Sirens. Like the mythical beings, Sirens produces some absolutely beautiful sounds while sounding ever so faintly dangerous. It is so entrancing you barely ever notice the subtle menace.

Sirens is a thoroughly angelic piece of work (Coverdale’s day job is music director and head organist for a church in Montreal), but the darkness that she and Sutton quietly integrate makes it all the more richer.
Nowhere is that more present than opener ‘Tunnel Vision’ where a heavenly soundscape and tightly wound loop of gasping voices intertwine in a slow dance. The drones dissipate a few seconds early, however, leaving you for one fleeting moment with only those hiccuping breaths and a deep sense of unease. From those hiccups to the final floating tones of ‘Informant’, Sirens proves to be a wondrous record and one of the most exquisite and nuanced ambient releases of the year.

Sirens is out May 19. Stream it below in full for the first time and order it from Umor Rex.



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