Moiré’s NEVERSLEEP outfit have announced their first EP.

NEVERSLEEP consists of techno enigma Moiré and visual artist/producer Disguise. The latter is responsible for Moiré’s debut album artwork and overall visual aesthetic.

The new 12″ is the first time that Disguise’s music has been released. The newcomer has his hand in two tracks on the record—his own ‘Special Mix’ of title track ‘Mouth Shut’ and a collaborative remix of ‘Party Girls’, made alongside Moiré. The A-side of the 12″ is reserved for Moiré’s own edit of ‘Mouth Shut’.

Phonica White will release Mouth Shut in June. Head to the NEVERSLEEP website to view a “video mixtape” created to complement the EP. [via RA]


A Mouth Shut (Moiré Remix)
B1 Party Girls (Disguise & Moiré Remix)
B2 Mouth Shut (Disguise Special Mix)



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