The Portland producer digs out more cassettes from his attic.

Portland-based producer Best Available Technology aka Kevin Palmer will return to Astro:Dynamics with a second volume of archival material next month.

Like the first volume, Excavated Tapes 1992-1999, Vol. 2 is culled from Palmer’s vast archive of hardware jams and sampler experiments, recorded to cassette in the 1990s and left to gather dust in his attic. Most were recorded with little more than the intention of sketching out ideas or making loops to chop out for later use or reconstruction in his SP12 sampler, and the results were a lost treasure trove of experimental techno that sounded like a worn-out, lo-fi take on Basic Channel.

Though Palmer was active during the ’90s, it wasn’t until 2013 that he began to receive wider recognition with releases on Astro:Dynamics, Opal Tapes, Further Records and Styles Upon Styles. Most recently, Palmer teamed up with Berlin-based producer BNJMN on an album called De/Re-Constructions, which saw the pair reinterpret each other’s work across 10 tracks.

Vol. 2 of Excavated Tapes is released on Astro:Dynamics on June 1 – until then you can listen to ‘Tape 02 Section 05’ below, or revisit FACT’s review of the first volume.


01. Sncs9
02. Inbalance 16
03. Early Mmt8
04. Mrg Shtdwn 02
05. 1 Gtr and Slw Bt
06. Sncs10 Msqcncrt
07. Tape 01 Section 09
08. Vcsfr33 Edit
09. Side B Strng 01
10. Tape 02 Section 05



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