Complete with embossed intestines.

Death Waltz Recording Company has teamed up with PentaMusic to release another cult classic soundtrack from the video nasty era. Joe D’Amato’s Absurd (also known as Rosso Sangue) follows the near-invincible Mikos as he escapes hospital to embark on a gory killing spree, armed with drills, band saws, axes, scissors and an oven.

Italian composer Carlo Maria Cordio’s score for this jolly escapade squeezes maximum juice out of a seven-note piano motif, sometimes drawing on the hefty percussion and synths of Italian horror maestros Goblin, other times opting for a more relaxed mood with noodling electric guitar. “Anyone who is a fan of Rob’s Maniac score, or indeed any of the new school synth-based scores such as It Follows, would do well to check out one of the original synth scores that started it all,” the label notes.

The record’s 22 tracks include the full remastered score as well as cues composed by Cordio for the 1982 splatter movie Pieces. The double vinyl release, the first in a planned series with Italy’s CAM Records, comes in a gatefold sleeve with cover art by Wes Benscoter and – best bit – embossed intestines.

Scroll down to have a look inside the album and grab it from Mondo Tees next week.






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