Skrillex boldly goes where no EDM DJ has gone before.

Skrillex is well known for performing out of his very own mothership, but now he’s sent a satellite into space in order to gather images for a hi-tech Android phone case he’s releasing in partnership with Google.

The camera-equipped Nanou satellite was named after one his favourite Aphex Twin songs (and one of his dogs), and was one of 13 attached to balloons and launched into space by Google to retrieve images for use with a limited-edition case for use with the Nexus 6 smartphone.

As well as having an external design that Skrillex told Rolling Stone is like “the title screen of a weird video game,” the Skrillex Live Case uses NFC technology to identify itself to your phone. Owners get access to wallpaper images of earth taken from the satellite, and at night, constellations visible from your location. It also offers Skrillex news updates and exclusive music, starting with early access to a free album of Skrillex’s favorite OWSLA artists.

There are three designs to choose from all themed around space, culled from a total of 20 – according to Wired, Skrillex’s favourite design that didn’t make the cut was a Windows 95-inspired case he described as “super vaporware.” Each case is individually numbered, with a print of the artist’s signature on the inside.

“It’s one of those things I liked as a child,” Skrillex told Rolling Stone regarding his decision to go with the space theme. “All these ideas of space travel and life on other planets have become more real and mainstream. I think that’s cool.”

“The building blocks of matter are the same all over the universe,” he continued. “So maybe the 12 notes are felt through the universe in the same way. What I’m trying to say is, it could be possible that aliens like my music!”

If you want one, it costs $40 from the Google Store. You can find out more about the case in the video below, and read FACT’s review of the debut album from his Jack Ü collaboration with Diplo.



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