The release of Fred Myrow and Malcolm Seagrave’s score comes with liner notes from writer/director Don Coscarelli.

Don Coscarelli’s 1979 film Phantasm remains a classic of DIY horror filmmaking and its score is a big part of that. The way the Goblin-influenced synthesizer compositions tapped into the small-town wistfulness of the film easily slide Myrow and Seagrave into the top 20 of our list of the 100 greatest horror soundtracks of all time.

Now Death Waltz and Mondo will release a brand new vinyl edition of the score — the first time it’s been pressed to wax in over 35 years. The record will be available to order through their site starting this Friday. Below you can take a look at the record which includes the iconic “Sentinel Sphere” on one side and a blood spatter on the other (appropriate considering what those spheres do).



Revisit the main theme from Phantasm below and keep an eye out for the long awaited fifth installment in the series later this year.



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