Almost a decade of great music, a supernatural way with hooks and swing, and the ability to knock out classic-sounding garage like it’s nothing – few producers are naturals the way TRC is.

One who is, of course, is DJ Q. Q and TRC have followed similar career arcs in some ways: both known for their contributions to bassline house, they’ve continued to release brilliant garage records long after bassline fell out of favour, and have found new focus in the last few years – Q with his album Ineffable and related singles, TRC with his singles on Crazylegs. On top of that, both have released twice on Butterz. Uncanny, right?

It feels like a nice touch, then, that TRC’s latest single for Crazylegs, ‘Butterflies’ (featuring Princess Nyah, the voice of Funky classic ‘Frontline’) comes backed with a Q remix. “This track was a pleasure to remix, so much that it only took me a few hours to finish the whole track”, Q tells us. “As soon as I heard the TRC version I was hooked. It’s just what was missing from music, that perfect blend of 2-step beats, sexy vocals and hard bass lines, something which I feel Jason has always done well since first discovering his music nearly 10 years ago.”

Stream it below, and order ‘Butterflies’ here.



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