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More material from the seminal band will get fresh vinyl pressings in July.

Following last year’s Cocteau Twins reissue campaign, 4AD is to reissue more out of print material from the act, including a pair of EPs and a compilation.

Originally released two weeks apart in November 1985, the Tiny Dynamine and Echoes In A Shallow Bay EPs were intended as companion pieces, and acted as a precursor to their fourth album, Victorialand. The 2015 reissue will combine both EPs on one record together with “reformatted artwork.”

4AD is also reissuing The Pink Opaque, a 1986 compilation to mark the band’s first official US release that drew material from 1982 to 1984. The compilation featured alternative mixes of some songs, as well as ‘Millimillenary’, the first appearance of band member Simon Raymonde.

The fresh pressings will arrive on 180g vinyl using new masters created from the original analogue tapes, and come in the wake of last year’s pressings of Heaven Or Las Vegas and the influential Blue Bell Knoll.

Both are released on July 17, and pre-order information can be found at the 4AD website. If you can’t wait, you can always try sounding like the Cocteau Twins with a free Yamaha RX5 drum machine plug-in.

More classic Cocteau Twins material to be reissued by 4AD



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