Like a Traveling Wilburys of avant-garde sound manipulation, Terepa is a freshly formed supergroup of seven artists who’ve already gained renown for their own work.

The group comprises Hyperdub’s Laurel Halo, avant-pop thinker Julia Holter, in-demand mastering engineer and PAN artist Rashad Becker, Barcelona musician and Other People signing Lucrecia Dalt, Kohei Matsunaga, aka sound artist NHK’Koyxen, French violinist Grégoire Simon and newcomer Charlotte Collin.

For their EP as Terepa, the seven artists recorded two sessions in locations across Los Angeles, Berlin, Osaka and Paris, the only creative parameter being that they all begin recording simultaneously for a 20-minute period and that they eschew any communication with each other “outside of their own telepathic capacities.”

The recordings, which feature soft piano, strings, drones, chimes and faint voices, were then layered and mixed into a pair of compositions that make up either side of a white vinyl on Other People.

They also used the same “telepathic” process to create the artwork, which is printed directly onto the surface of record. Hear a sample below and look out for the Terepa EP, out digitally and on 12″ vinyl on July 13.


A. 28th October 2014
B. 8th August 2014



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