Lucy and Speedy J join as Zeitgeber on pressure building remix.

Next month Manchester techno duo AnD will release RMX 01 and RMX 02, a pair of remix EPs on Electric Deluxe based around their 2014 album Cosmic Microwave Background. You can already get a taste of a few tracks by listening to their recent mix for the label’s podcast series, but until now they’ve held out on the best. That comes with a remix of Cosmic’s final track, ‘The Surface Of Last Scattering’, which finds Lucy and labelhead Speedy J working under their Zeitgeber moniker to raise the tension for over 13 minutes.

Listen to it below and look for the first volume June 15, followed by the second on June 29 through Elecrtic Deluxe’s store.

RMX 01 Tracklist:

01. ‘The Surface Of Last Scattering (Zeitgeber Remix)’
02. ‘Power Spectrum (Sleeparchive Remix)’
03. ‘Power Spectrum (O/H)’

RMX 02 Tracklist:

01. ‘Non Sky Signal (Justin K Broadrick as JK Flesh Reshape)’
02. ‘The Surface of Last Scattering (Black Rain Remix)’
03. ‘Galactic Motion (Black Rain Remix)’



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