Shigeto and Dave Douglas’ new jazz outfit will release their debut album next month. 

High Risk is the name of a new quartet led by Ghostly lynchpin Shigeto and jazz veteran Dave Douglas. The group was formed following a Red Bull event last year, where Shigeto performed a live, jazz-inspired drum solo. His performance attracted the attention of renowned trumpeter Douglas, who eventually called upon bassist Jonathan Maron and drummer Mark Guiliana to form a quartet.

“This is completely different from the processes that go on in my other bands,” Douglas says. “And at the same time it’s totally the same: a bunch of highly skilled individuals who bring themselves and their personality and their skills to the table, to attack these ideas and materials that I bring into the session.”

High Risk’s self-titled debut will be released on June 23. Check the full tracklist and hear the title track below. [via RA]


01. Molten Sunset
02. Household Item
03. Etiquette
04. First Things First
05. High Risk
06. Tied Together
07. Cardinals



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